Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Little Things In Life

The little things in life...... nature....finding a feather.... or in my case a beautiful "button"

I like to dress the part....
I know if I don't dress creatively then my creative juices don't flow, full stop!!
I love to wear a frock, it makes me happy!x
But hooray for bare foot, no knicker days, cause it does make life easier...Ha Ha LOL..!x
Lots of Love
Bed time reading huh?!
Oh dear, who will I vote for?!
It is, after all, very important this year!....!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Live Life Slowly

My quest is to live life more slowly and sustainably, loving every minute....xx
Now readers....... how I ramble on again.....! 
Does anyone know of any vintage rallies on locally this Springtime?

Might have to  drag the very beautiful "Maisy Morris Minor" out because as you may know she does love to poke her little nose into new places...... I call her "Polly" polly poke nose.... x
Now I love a good restoration project and resurrecting something other people see as rubbish to me is a lot of fun.... x
Recycling something that may have ended up in the landfill is so rewarding...x
This weekend is mine. I'm off work... well my proper job! It's a major chill out and I'll be painting, kind of distressing, upholstering.....stuff.....!
Much love...xxxxx
PS.. I would love to hear from you. x

Remember a single Fleur in a home can bring a lot of beauty.....x
That's all! x 

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Old Birds

I know, I know, I have been a neglectful girlie blogger.........!
If you ever need to get hold of me you will find me busy with a little old bird somewhere. I seem to have a large collection of different shapes, sizes, some ladies and some gentlemen, all very sweet and I love them all........xx (nearly all) xxx
Alternatively Charlie and I may have pottered down to the very lovely new "Cake Hole" in our village, its so well, you know meeee ....x. Its positively charming infact + of course next to the very nice "Poop Deck" (crammed full to the brim of pretty junk). I have spent a fair number of dollars in that store, very American I sound....!
Love Mishka x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Charlie is a Manchester City Mascot

I am beaming from ear to ear.....x
A very proud moment for a mother to see her son as a mascot for Manchester City coming through the tunnel on Saturday in the home derby against Manchester United.

Yes that really is my "Charlie Boy" !x ....with his new haircut.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Eccentrics................x (me)

Hello fellow blogsters.........x
I have always loved eccentric people. People who can express themselves without a worry or care what others may think of them.
What an amazing spirit they have to be individual and different from the rest of the crowd!
Luckily I have always been able to mix with people from different walks of life......x.
I find outrageous, eccentric, funny, sweet and charming characters always tick my boxes.....LOL.
My mother says I'm potty......
Lots of love
Mishka xxx