Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bradwell Nuclear Power Station

There is talk of a new nuclear power station being built at Bradwell, opposite West Mersea on the river Blackwater.
If you are against this being developed on the grounds of danger to the local environment, risks of evacuation problems in the event of an accident, loss of jobs in fishing and tourism, or concern over Chinese production standards or it being a national security risk, then please sign the Internet petition below.

Here's the link:


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Closing Mersea's Public Toilets

Mersea Island’s public toilets are to be closed by Colchester Council as part of its money-saving plans. 

Colchester Council, which pays for the public conveniences in the town, has announced the seafront blocks, in Coast Road and two in Victoria Esplanade will close in April.

On the "Streetlife" Mersea area website I started a poll asking if residents agreed with their decision. To date 61 respondents have disagreed.

Please give your view at and if you believe it is a stupid proposal let West Mersea Town Council or Colchester Council know!