Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kayak Around Great Britain Set Off Today from Mersea

Today two 22year old lads, set off from Mersea Island on their adventure to circumnavigate Britain in a tandem sea kayak.

They will be relying only on natural elements to complete the challenge. Using the tides and currents as well as specially designed power kites to harness the winds power they estimate this will take three to four months.

They are doing all this to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

You can track their progress by using this link. Take a look at the Paddle Diary to stay up to date.

Good luck Russell (Scrat) and Aaron (Kiwi) . We look forward to welcoming you on your return.

Salty kisses,


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Vintage Mobile Cinema comes to Mersea

The Vintage Mobile Cinema

Outside the MICA Centre, West Mersea this morning there were screenings of the devastation caused by the 1953 floods that hit the east coast, in the 22 seat vintage mobile cinema which had come up from Devon.

The bus is the only surviving one of a fleet of seven that were built for the Government in 1967 to showcase modern British production techniques. Today, it has been carefully restored to its former glory and tours the country bringing a unique slice of automotive and cinema history.

Of course it was just up Charlie's and my street...! to see this old vehicle and get a front seat for the archived film.

Wouldn't it be delightful to see it here again....

Have a great weekend.

Salty kisses


P.S. Memberships are still available for the Mersea Island Film Society.