Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Disused and Unloved Items

What a lovely day I've had once more.
Wow...... sunshine!
Early start and off to Marks Tey boot sale.
Now why is it that my friend Jenny came back without any goodies?
I however was struggling to walk with all my lovelies....x
  1. Beautiful piece of vintage fabric
  2. Four storm lanterns
  3. Two scarves
  4. Mac with fleurs 
The only thing lighter was my purse.....x                                                           
What I was really looking for was some beautiful picture frames, which I did see, but they were much, much too many pennies!!!!

A writing lesson in Dennistoun Public School on Meadowpark Street in 1916. The children are writing with chalk on cumbersome rotating blackboards.
I have a real obsession with vintage frame blackboards ( I made one at the weekend).
Now I want to sell them...!

"Putting funk into Junk"

Commissions welcome.
Till next time my Luvlies....xx